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.458 LottFederal Premium® .458 Lott Rifle Ammunition500 Grain20$8.25$164.99CabelasIn Stock
.458 Winchester MagnumFederal Premium® .458 Winchester® Magnum Rifle Ammunition500 Grain20$7$139.99CabelasIn Stock
.300 Remington Ultra MagnumRemington® Premier® Power Level Ammunition - .300 Ultra Magnum150 Grain20$2.45$48.99CabelasIn Stock
.300 Winchester Short MagnumFederal Premium® Vital Shok® Trophy Copper Rifle Ammunition165 Grain20$2.35$46.99CabelasIn Stock
.270 Weatherby MagnumWeatherby® .270 Magnum Ultra-Velocity Ammunition150 Grain20$4.25$84.99CabelasIn Stock